Home Delivery

Request a Sample

Unlike other water brands, Horizon will provide you the first 19L bottle as a sample for tasting and testing purpose. The water meets PSQCA standards and all our bottles are filled with identical water. Each bottle has to go through a rigorous cleaning and maintenance procedure.

Our mineral water door delivery is a weekly service whereby a van visits your home/office on a schedule and replaces your empty bottles with filled ones.

We have made it easy for you to order your sample. Simply submit the form below and one of our representatives will get back to you to discuss your mineral water home delivery.

This will be followed by a van visit within the next 24 hours to deliver your sample 19L bottle.

If you plan to sign up with us, you will be asked to opt in for monthly or on spot payment schedule for the water delivery service whereby you have to pay PKR120 per refill. Followed by an initial deposit of PKR600 per bottle. However, this deposit can be exempted provided that you have other 19L bottles in working and good condition.

Also, please note that the drinking water delivery service is also available on an urgent notice of 24 hours. And in case your consumption exceed 5 bottles per day, the van will visit you on a daily basis to ensure uninterrupted smooth supply of clean drinking water,

This service is currently available for the residents of Rawalpindi only.



*Please note that we deliver only in Rawalpindi.