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What if you live in a city like Lahore and you want a glass of water? Are you going to take your chances and get it from the city tap? The internet is loaded with articles, blogs and videos claiming that tap water is better than mineral water or stuff like: Is mineral water safe? Explaining mineral water. But ask yourself, are you willing to drink that tap water? We sure wont because we had it tested!

And that is where artificial mineral water comes in.

woman inspecting glass of mineral water

As discussed in our previous blog, it is really hard to come across natural mineral water. Most bottled water companies out there are nothing but packaged water, including us.

Yes, you read that right!

Incase you are wondering what really is natural mineral water:

stream of water

It all begins in the clouds high above us from which rain pours down. This
rain passes through fractures and ancient rocks and begins its journey from
the depths of the earth. Interacting with these rocks, it gathers essential
natural nutrients in unique proportions. The rocks produce these social
natural mineral compositions required for healthy growth. The water finally
accumulates in a natural acquifier where it is protected from pollution,
retaining its original purity and natural minerals. And that is your natural
mineral water.

So with that out of the way, let us define what really is packaged artificial
mineral water.


mineral water bottle

According to University of Nebraska -Lincoln:

“Bottled water is defined as water that is sealed in food grade bottles and intended for human consumption”

It comes in many forms but majority of it available out there in
the market is what we call ‘Artificial Mineral Water’.
Artificial mineral water or mineralized water is the imitation of natural
spring water using process like reverse osmosis.


erroded metal pipe

Clean drinking water is increasingly difficult to come by in the modern era.
But if you are someone living in America, consider yourself lucky to have
access to water that is mostly free of disease causing microorganisms.
There are dangerous contaminants present in our water even after it has
gone through municipal water treatment facility.
Most municipal water treatment plants use chlorine to kill organisms in the
water. But recent research suggests that chlorine is not suitable for human
consumption. A recent study by the World Health Organization suggests that asthma can be triggered by exposure to chlorinated water. Episodes of dermatitis have also been associated with exposure to chlorine and hypochlorite

Moreover, these authorities transport water via metal pipes which get corroded over time.
Therefore, if you are coming from such country, packaged drinking water may be the safest option for you.

But is it safe to drink purified water?

Stay tuned and find out in our next blog.

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